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Thanks for wanting to contribute source code to Nextcloud Cookbook Android client. That's great!

Please always create an issue before starting a change. This is very helpful to understand what kind of issue the pull request will solve and if your change will be accepted.


Please describe the type of bug you want to fix and provide feedback on how to reproduce the problem. I'll only accept bug fixes if I can reproduce the problem.


Not every feature is relevant to the majority of the users. It helps to have a discussion about a new feature before opening a pull request.


Thank you for your interest in translating Nextcloud Cookbook Android client! I appreciate your help in making it accessible to a wider audience.


I have chosen to use Weblate as a platform for translations. Weblate provides an easy-to-use web-based interface that allows translators to collaborate and work on translations.

To get started with translating the app on Weblate, simply visit the translation page and select your preferred language. You can then start translating the app directly on the platform.

There are two components: App and Fastlane.

App contains all strings used in the app.

Fastlane is a collection of app store metadata that is used to submit the app to F-Droid and Play Store.


Please fork the repository, make your changes to the XML files and submit a pull request. Remember to include information about what language it is.

All strings are located in the res/values directory in a file called strings.xml .

For different languages, you create separate directories with the appropriate language code, e.g. res/values-de for German. Copy the strings.xml file into each of the language-specific directories and translate the strings into the appropriate language.

In Android Studio, you can use the translations editor, but you are free to use any text editor you like.

Translation status

Translation status

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